1. What should I do to apply for Tier 1 Visa?

Follow the three basic steps to apply for your Tier 1 visa.

  • Take the Tier 1 (General) Visa Free Eligibility Assessment
  • Complete the interview for UK Migration
  • Complete the application process for receiving a Visa

2. What will happen to the status of my existing immigration while the decision process of my current application is still going on?

If the application was made before the end of your authorised stay, your present immigration status shall continue until the authorities have arrived at a decision regarding your application.

3. What is Visa4UK?

Visa4UK is UKBA’s online visa application system. You can use this online system to apply for UK Visas from many countries safely via the internet. Application fee payment and booking appointments at the visa centres can also be carried out through this system.

4. Is it safe to submit an application online?

Yes, the UKBA’s online system is secure and well protected. A coded secure connection is used to send information provided by you, which can be accessed by only authorised UKBA staff.

5. Can I access Visa4UK through my computer?

Visa4UK can be accessed via all major browsers, although some browser systems may be excluded for their design or age. For best results, Mozilla Firebox or Internet Explorer should be used.

6. Can Visa4UK be used for countries outside UK?

Yes. Applications are accepted by many of the visa application centres from the Isle of Man Channel Islands British overseas territories and other commonwealth countries.

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