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The UK Border Agency or UKBA is British Government’s border control agency and an important part of the Home Office, employing a staff of more than 23000 employees in over 130 countries worldwide. The head office of the agency is situated at 2 Marsham Street in London, United Kingdom. On 1st April, 2008, UKBA was established as an Executive Agency by merging BIA or Border and Immigration Agency, HMRC’s Detection functions and UK visas. Following a report from the Cabinet Office, the decision for creating a lone border control organisation was considered.

UKBA is divided into four unified sections:

  1. Immigration and settlement : It manages “in-country” operations like enforcement and casework functions
  2. Operations
  3. Enforcement and Crime: It undertakes the work of criminal investigations, management of criminal cases, administration of detention and removal centres as well as removing foreign national prisoners.
  4. International Operations and Visas: This section manages the workings of the agency outside the UK, like overseas visa issuing and pre-flight checks but does not include juxtaposed controls.

The agency’s overseas network comprises of the following regions:

  • Euro-Med
  • Americas
  • Africa
  • Asia-Pacific
  • South Asia
  • Pakistan and the Gulf

UKBA functions as a single force at the UK border, with local immigration teams operating within the United Kingdom, interacting and mediating with the HM Revenues and Customs, police, public and local authorities. In 2009, thousands of customs detection officers were transferred to the agency by HMRC, following a parliament agreement to confer it with customs control powers. A main single border control line at the boundary of the United Kingdom to control the entry of people and illicit goods in the country.The E-border programme developed by the agency checks all travellers entering and leaving the country prior to their travel, with the help of data submitted by them with their ferry or airline operator.

The agency is also in charge of managing the limit on economic migration to UK imposed by the Government of the country. Responsible for enforcement operations in-country, investigations related to organised immigration crimes and detection of over stayers and illegal entrants and other immigration offenders, it also handles deportation of foreign criminals after completion of their sentences.

You can call our helpline number for more information about the agency.

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